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once Tyler
18 December 1983
California, United States
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28:06:42:12, absurdism, acoustic guitar, almost famous, art, b&w photography, back to the future, books, classic rock, classy tree, commentaries, depth, driving at night, existentialism, fight club, final destination, foreign films, fortress of solitude, ginger snaps, h/hr, harry potter, hoodies, html, imperfections, indie films, intellect, jthm, jurassic park, laying on the floor, literature, lomography, lord of the rings, metaphysics, middle earth, monty python, mystery science theater 3000, nightmare on elm street, open view theism, philosophy, pirates of the caribbean, pong, project mayhem, pеально, rediscovering movies, running, save the day moments, tetris, texting, the beatles, the breakfast club, the ordinary, the outsiders, the village, theology, unhappen, universal ethics principle, v.f.d., veg. days, what if?, wintergreen mints, wishing on airplanes, wordsmiths, write what you think, writing on napkins, yam snosnibor, zombie movies, ,
my interests
books and movies. other than that, for the most part, check below. for emphasis, my important-enoughs-to-re-list list: harry potter (the books and the movies), the lord of the rings (same), fight club, and pulp ficiton. movies are a way of life.

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